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Yolanda Chavez-Billiot Specializes in a variety of Yoga Styles in Portales, with an exceptional focus on the rich tapestry of Belly Dance and Fusion World Dance.

"Bellydance is like glitter. It not only colors your life, it makes you sparkle. You find it everywhere, and in everything, and it is nearly impossible to get rid of it."

301 E 1st St, Portales, New Mexico



Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you can find what you're looking for here.

My name is Yolanda Chavez, a native of Southeast New Mexico, where I currently reside and teach. I am passionate about supporting my community by sharing the ancient science of yoga and bringing cultural awareness through world dance. With twenty years of experience in yoga and world dance, I am here to ignite your passion for your highest self and deepen your connection with your Earth body.


My Philosophy

I create a space that honors everyBODY. In my classes, we learn to drop expectations and judgments, leaving competition out of this positive space. My approach is methodical and thoughtful, ensuring that each session is a journey toward inner peace and physical well-being.


My Background

  • Hatha Yoga Expertise: Certified Yogafit L3, Prenatal/Postnatal, and Senior Yoga.

  • Teaching Experience: 20 years at Eastern New Mexico University.

  • Director of Fusion World Dance: Hosting several World Dance icons.

  • Community Engagement: Volunteering to teach yoga at local childcare centers and performing at the annual Peanut Valley Festival.

  • Additional Certifications: Level 1 Reiki practitioner, currently working on Mediation and Ayurveda certifications.


My Mission

I believe the best way to serve my community is by offering yoga and world dance classes that promote a healthy and active lifestyle through alternative movement. By adhering to the Yoga Code of Conduct set by Yoga Alliance, I strive to bring my best to every class session.


Join Me

Come experience the peace that is yoga and the joy that is dance with me in Portales! Book a session and join a class today.


Thank you for visiting. I look forward to supporting you on your journey to wellness and self-discovery.

Warm regards,

Yolanda Chavez


In-Person and Private Sessions

  • In-person 1:1 private yoga session with Yolanda.

    1 hr

    35 US dollars
  • A gentle introduction to Yin Yoga with Meditation certified instructor...

    Loading days...

    10 US dollars

"I first started practicing yoga in 2011, with Yolanda as the instructor. I felt comfortable being in her class because she would tell us to let go of expectations, judgments, and competition. That encouraged me to continue although I lacked confidence, was overweight and not flexible. I continued yoga because I always felt better physically and mentally after each practice. A few years later, as my confidence and fitness improved, I began taking Yoli’s belly dance classes. I’m in better shape and more energetic now than I’ve been since high school! "

— Carey K. Portales, New Mexico

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